5 Key Mobile Advertising Trends for Brands

In the past ten years we have seen massive leaps in the way users are interacting and consuming content through mobile devices. Let’s walk through some of the larger mobile marketing trends and challenges.

The App Ecosystem

Before smart phones, there were simpler devices performing small tasks, so users generally consumed very basic content. After the arrival of smart phones like the iPhone and Android, the capacity for consuming more interactive and engaging content increased significantly. Out of this, the app ecosystem emerged. For the first time, brands and content providers could showcase long form content. With more content to consume, users are spending an increasing amount of time online, checking their devices between 70 and 100 times daily.

The newly formed app ecosystem and increase in online spend has enabled and empowered brands to move away from snackable content to create fully immersive brand experiences.

Mobile Budget Disconnect

Exponential growth of the mobile market over the past five years has left some brands in the dark, still building Flash microsites that don’t work on mobile devices and still focused on a 30 second TV advert. The disconnect lies in the amount of budget brands allocate to mobile advertising in comparison to the increasing consumption of mobile content. This is a trend we should see turnaround in 2015.

Remote Control Mobile Tech

Wearable tech is the next frontier for mobile advertising; Life+, Google Glass and Nike+ are excellent examples. Mobile is becoming a remote control to your life, the device that allows you to control your heating (Nest), pay your bills (APP eg) and check-in to your flights (Passbook). Mobile will continue to ‘remote control’ consumer lives as we transition to smart technology, making for smart mobile ads. This trend will flourish before we know it.

Real-Life Creative

When it comes to creative, the future lies in using the world around us. Real-life user generated creative allows users to showcase their imagery in in compliance with brand communications. This trend is evident in apps like Blippar, as well as in the rise of augmented reality in general. We will continue to see advertisers and marketers use the real-life creative to interact with consumers.


Location-based apps is a major shift for the industry, knowing where people are provides context to the brand message. Context has increasingly become as important as the content, it allows us to shape personal messages to reach consumers in the right place at the right time.

Another important aspect of location is making use of the time in which users have nothing to do or dead-time. The dead-time you have waiting for your morning coffee or the bus has been removed completely. Brands now have the opportunity to connect with consumers at any time, especially critical during dead-time when a brand has the user’s full attention.

Mobile is undoubtedly changing the way we interact and engage with consumers. Technology is developing quickly, brands need to stay abreast of the latest developments and apps that allow brands to get closer to consumers – become mobile champions. As a mobile first ad tech company, Aarki is always striving to help brands build better creative and see stronger performance in mobile advertising. We can help you optimize creative for location, advertise in apps, build joyful creative with user generated content and more. Email me to understand how Aarki can help you become a mobile first advertiser, antonino@aarki.com.

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