Ways to Improve your Call to Action and Boost your Click-Through Rate

It is essential that mobile ads include a clear objective for users, and a clear way to complete the objective – a clear call to action (CTA). CTAs come in all shapes and sizes: drive traffic to a site, generate leads, sign up for a newsletter, redeem a coupon, locate the nearest store or download an app.

While an effective CTA does not entirely rely on a designer and aesthetics, it is important for designers to understand how color, scale and copy influence the effectiveness of the CTA.

Size Matters

The dimensions of your buttons are very important. You do not want to overwhelm your design with a call to action that is too large. Also, you wouldn’t want it to be too small, as it may get lost in the rest of the content on the page. Review your design carefully, ensure that the CTA is visually heavier than other content without being obnoxious. Review analytics to understand if you missed clicks or received too many accidentals, and adjust sizing accordingly.

Use Icons or Images

Include visual cues with your CTA. For example, add an icon of a phone on a “call now” CTA button. This will draw the user towards the call to action quicker and increase the visual weight of the CTA.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Entice users to act rapidly by instilling a sense of urgency, use content that will motivate your audience to click now instead of later. It could be a limited time offer or limited number of available items, work with your marketing and sales departments to deepen your understanding of what would increase a sense of urgency in the target market.

Keep it Simple

Assume your audience is lazy. Do not lose their interest by asking them to complete multiple tasks and flip through multiple pages in an ad. Keep the path to the CTA simple, as well as the path to conversion. Should you have multiple CTAs, keep it simple by understanding one needs to be more dominant than the others. You can do this by playing with the dimension and color of the CTA buttons or text.

Test your CTAs

Set up A/B testing and the optimize the ad based on the data collected. Use the outcomes of A/B test to help you determine which ads to create templates from for future campaigns, and build a library of high performing formats with high performing CTAs.

By improving CTAs in your mobile advertisements your campaign will see more clicks and conversions, keeping your target audience engaged for longer. Aarki Encore excels in delivering video and dynamic ads on mobile platforms. It is flexible, online and uses HTML5. The solution contains hundreds of built-in templates and widget, as well as robust A/B testing and optimization. As a result, you can create powerful and compelling ads easily, in a short amount of time.

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