Robust Architecture. Strong Platform. Joyful Creative.

The widely accepted notion is that software engineers type code into a computer. In reality, while typing code is an obvious necessity, much of software engineering happens during long strolls, while grilling a steak, or over a couple of beers. There is a significant aspect of software development that happens without writing a single line of code.

At the start of any large-scale project, such as working on a new version of Aarki Encore, we must make a series of design decisions. These decisions carry their weight far into the development process, and ultimately have a huge impact on the product quality. Architectural decisions can truly make or break a project. So, needless to say, it is important to get them right. Good software design usually results in a (relatively) painless coding process; bad design will almost certainly lead to coding doom.

While designing Aarki Encore, there are a few overarching attributes we constantly keep in mind during every stage of the software engineering process.

Performance Scalability

How will Aarki Encore hold up when dealing with large ads? With complex animations? With large media asset sizes? How can we design the platform in a way that it provides the same smooth, seamless experience for the end-user, even under high stress? With increasingly fast hardware, it is becoming easier to neglect performance considerations, but we believe that fast hardware should serve to facilitate a more feature-rich, interactive user experience, not mitigate performance bottlenecks.


To put it simply, computers are fast but stupid; they will happily run code regardless of how it looks to the engineer. Without an explicit "messy code" check from the computer, how can we keep the code base manageable? We must design in a way that keeps the code base well-organized, easy to understand, and easy to modify. We must streamline the process of onboarding new team members, so the poor guys who are faced with our code spend less time deciphering it and more time contributing to it.


How close can we come to an error-free experience? As the software grows and evolves, it becomes increasingly impractical to manually re-test every feature every time we make a change, while it certainly is the case that a change in one part of the program can introduce a hard-to-detect error in another part. We must design in a way that allows us to automate testing of existing features, across a variety of platforms, so we are instantly notified of any potential breaking changes.


We often lay the foundation of many new features months or years in advance. A key goal of our software architecture is to make the platform future-proof; that is, to give us the ability to effortlessly add new features. As our software evolves, it is essential for us to take as many steps as possible in the right direction, and as few as possible in the wrong direction. This takes some level of intuition on the part of the engineers, who must, to an extent, anticipate the design of a feature before they see the product specifications.

Built on a strong architecture, Aarki Encore is a platform that allows users to quickly and easily build joyful creative with strong performance. This is just one of many ways we are transforming mobile monetization. We think this is why leading brands, agencies, app developers and premium publishers are all increasingly adopting Aarki Encore. Sign up for a free trial today or contact us with all of your interactive advertising platform questions.

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