2015 Likely to be a Year of Continuing Shifts for User Acquisition Performance Marketing

User acquisition performance marketing has seen a lot of changes in the past year and we predict there are many more to come in 2015. To help advertisers think through how to invest new budgets for the best ROI, see below for my thoughts on three key 2015 trends.

Hungry for Video Advertising

In 2014, advertisers shifted focus from volume alone to a balance of quality and volume users. Advertising execs are recognizing the power of engagement meet this balance of high volume and high quality, and in 2015 the industry will see video as the best ad product for engagement. Video is an excellent medium to engage a large number of users in high quality product content. After the initial video view, users who choose to continue are motivated by genuine curiosity and interest in the product, resulting in higher quality users. More specifically, we see native video exploding in 2015. Advertisers will create unique user experiences for each publisher and layer in interactive features including customization, autoplay, click-to-calendar and rich media redirects.

Advertisers will turn to video as the premier solution for volume and quality. As a part of Aarki Encore, we take care of the process from start to finish. We create and customize video from scratch, with no added cost, as well as flight the videos on targeted traffic channels, and direct our customer on how to best optimize performance.

Think Like a User

In 2015, advertisers won’t just think about their users, they will think like their users. Advertisers will ask: How do users consume content? How do we present content in a way that users are receptive to? Exploring what best resonates with users will keep them at the heart of your advertising campaign.

At Aarki, we carefully craft user experiences from the first set of creative to optimization. Through keeping a close eye on analytics and A/B testing, we can make quick creative adjustments to improve performance and user experience. Whether it be shorter video play time, a stronger call to action or more interactive opportunities, we'll find the perfect balance to bring your brand vision to life.

Brands in Mobile Advertising

Users are relying more heavily on mobile to stay connected. Mobile presence for advertisers is essential. Without it, extinction is a definite possibility. In 2014, we saw well connected brands begin to dedicate budget to grow visibility and engage users in unique ad experiences. Our portfolio has certainly grown to include some of these brands and we plan to see more of it in 2015. Brands are usually later adopters, so in 2015 we see more brands and larger dollars amounts moving to mobile. With these late adopters moving in to the mobile space, it will be critical for advertising technology companies to serve as mobile tour guides and help brands optimize their campaigns for mobile brand presence.

Ready and excited for the new year, Aarki is continuously building new easy-to-use video capabilities, optimizing to keep the user at the center and guiding brands to painlessly adopt mobile marketing techniques with Aarki Encore. Everyday we are connecting advertisers and publishers through creative design, media buying and optimization. Please reach out to discuss 2015 advertising trends over coffee or hear more about Aarki Encore and our high performing CPI and CPE campaigns. Contact me at Titania@aarki.com.

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