See you at Apps World Europe!

Off we go again, swept up in the Apps World Europe chaos! This two-day conference brings in developers and marketers from all over Europe to share invigorating conversations, fresh ideas and a tall pint of beer. Here are a few things you should know before you partake in the madness next week.

London is where it’s at.

The event is appropriately set in London. The U.K. remains the largest market for monetization of mobile ad spending in Western Europe and will account for nearly the 53% of mobile internet ad spending this year, an estimated value of $1.53 billion. By comparison, Germany and France will represent 12% and 7% respectively of the $2.92 billion in mobile ad spending. So while the market is expanding in Europe, the U.K. is still the clear winner.

Social media & games.

The social media and game segments are responsible for more than 68% of mobile internet users in Europe. The majority of people surfing social sites and games is between 24 and 45 years old, old enough to make mobile purchases. Brands are finding value targeting these users to increase mobile purchases.

Rich media.

The rockstar of the mobile advertising market is rich media. Top brands are leading the way into rich media, but soon, all forms of marketers targeting mobile audiences will face pressure to move in the same direction or risk losing brand value and market share. Top advertising agencies are already developing rich media experts within their teams to guide their clients through rich media ad creation, deployment and measurement. Multinational companies are beginning to integrate rich media into the their marketing plans and strategies. We also see the same increase in mobile users that we are seeing all over the world in Europe, and mobile users expect engagement. All these factors are encouraging brands to go rich media now, which is why marketers are looking to technology to help. We built Aarki Studio, an interactive advertising creative suite where you can build, deploy and measure rich media ads.

In summary, London is still on top and everyone needs to take social media, gaming and rich media very seriously. We will see how these trends find their way into Apps World Europe next week. If you are attending, reach out by emailing me antonino(at)aarki(dot)com. I’d love to meet in person or take a quick phone call to explain how you can become an Aarki partner or acquire high volume installs.

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