Exciting New Video Features in Aarki Studio

The funny thing about working in advertising is that you are often the final consumer of your own work. There is an unexplained sense of joy when you come across a well-made and delivered video ad. With more marketers assigning dollars to the power of video, technical requirements and standards are evolving.

Last week, I had a chance to interview Mark Kalygulov, our Senior Director of Engineering. During the conversation, we talked about several new video features that have recently been added to Aarki Studio. Mark also highlighted the increasing importance of video in mobile advertising.

Here are some excerpts from this interview …

How important is video for Aarki?

At Aarki, we realize both the importance of and the challenges associated with effective video-based advertising on mobile devices. Hence, my team has been working hard to release new video features that are easy to use, provide designers more creative control and increase compatibility across platforms and devices.

Could you elaborate on how Aarki Studio’s new video features provide designers creative control?

Creative teams can regain creative control by designing the right brand experience using the right combination of features; pre-roll video ad with a striking countdown timer and delayed skip or exit action, no problem. Using playback controls, in-line capabilities, full-screen options, mute controls, a progress bar and/or video scrubbing, marketers can build a robust and easily customizable video player in Aarki Studio.

Source videos often come in a variety of formats. Optimizing these formats to run efficiently on mobile platforms is often a source of angst for designers. What is Aarki doing to alleviate this?

With Aarki Studio, you don’t have to worry about your source video format and optimization. Simply drag-and-drop a video onto the Aarki Studio canvas and the tool automatically resizes, re-encodes and places the file onto the fastest regional content delivery networks (CDN) available. Hence, with minimal effort, the video file is processed to ensure widest device and browser compatibility, as well as efficient and flawless delivery.

Publishers often differ on how they support video. How can designers still build quality ads efficiently that behave consistently across publishers?

Mobile video support can be, and almost always is, a mess. Features such as autoplay and in-line playback audio behave differently on different devices, making it difficult to build quality video ads for mobile. If you are looking for the widest feature compatibility, select a few video options in Aarki Studio’s auto mode video menu and we'll ensure the user experience is consistent anywhere the ad runs. When you know all the subtle intricacies of the target ad container, use the manual mode menu and take full control of implementation. Either way, configure your video in minutes and ensure maximum video delivery efficiency.

Designers need to strike a balance between publisher requirements and their own advertising objectives when designing interactive advertisements. How does Aarki Studio support this balance in the context of video?

Mobile web and several mobile apps often do not support autoplay, audio controls and inline playback; however with Aarki Studio they do. Aarki Studio utilizes a variety of environment-specific tricks to ensure creative teams can stretch creative possibilities in video-based advertisements, and still comply with publishers’ user experience policies. Want an interstitial to start playing video muted on any device, browser or app? With Aarki Studio’s bag of tricks, yes, yes you can.

If you could do a provide tips for designers creating video-based ads, what would you talk about?

Watch your ad weight. It’s easy for marketers to get carried away with big ideas and forget about the weight of an ad, especially when it comes to video-based ad units. Videos have a huge impact on the weight of an ad, which in turn affects performance. Marketers can keep track of creative weight in the ad score, visible throughout the design process. The ad score provides designers real-time feedback on ad weight; are those extra 30 seconds worth the trouble of a heavier file? The ad score helps you make the right decisions based on recommendations from industry leaders like the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and our cutting-edge customer base.

Finally, video features are only as good as their completion rates. What does Aarki Studio offer in terms of video analytics?

Video analytics like starts, completions, custom engagement metrics and quartiles are all tracked automatically and available real-time in the Aarki Studio analytics dashboard. This makes it simple for advertisers to track their performance and optimize video ads for completion rates. We also offer the ability to integrate third-party trackers to aggregate metrics in the marketer’s platform and analyze campaign performance.

Ready for whatever is next, Aarki is excited about these video improvements and can’t wait to begin work on the next set of video features. If you’d like to try out the video features mentioned in this post for yourself, contact us today for a free trial of Aarki Studio.

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