Designer Tip #4: Using local advertising to help drive up ROI of holiday ads

This weekend, the U.S. will kick-off the holiday shopping season with Black Friday. Too many hours of planning, approvals and mocks have preceded this very important weekend for numerous creative teams. Smart marketers understand there is still much more work to be done, the best digital campaigns bank as much on real-time optimization as they do on pre-work. Here are five proven ideas that can help you (or your marketing team) optimize your holiday ads and connect online advertising to offline sales.

Location data is good, audience data is better.

We believe that relevance is the most important aspect of a successful creative campaign. Before you begin to optimize the creative from the Black Friday weekend, take a long hard look at your audience data. Beautiful creative targeting the wrong crowd will not generate strong conversion rates: beautiful creative, a relevant audience and location data are all necessary to produce the best advertising performance. Remember to target the right people, or your location data and creative is likely to fall short.

Increase interaction and coverage by including multiple products in one ad.

Displaying a wide range of products within a single ad unit can have a tremendous impact on performance. Most online content is now optimized for swiping and scrolling ... so should your ad. Incorporating galleries and carousels into your ad unit for users to scroll through will save you the headache of replicating ad units featuring different products. In Aarki Studio, the ability to display a catalog full of deals or inventory information is possible and efficient with partners like G/O Digital and Retailigence.

Remember, brick & mortar is still king.

While e-commerce has risen all over the country, more than 60% of U.S. shoppers still hit brick and mortar stores. This trend will likely continue as e-commerce improves shipping costs and delivery times, but some benefits of in-store shopping are difficult to match. The top reasons consumers visit physical stores are instant gratification and last minute shopping. There is a tangible and instantaneous element to brick and mortar shopping, which is missing in the current e-commerce structure. The U.S. culture is well known for being one of the busiest in the world, especially during the holidays, a need to pick up last minute items is sure to hit most of us at least a few times. When thinking through your holiday digital advertising campaigns, don’t forget about brick and mortar. Target last-minute shoppers looking for the nearest store locations with a map widget and a coupon ad unit.

Creative technology enables location-based offers and inventory data.

Use your resources wisely and watch for companies like Retailigence and G/O Digital. Retailigence specialize in real-time product data that can be delivered to the user through an ad unit. Aarki Studio technology can push data through real-time data feeds that display in the ad unit what and where the product is available, as well as instantaneous deals. G/O Digital brings extreme couponing to ads on your mobile device based on your location, driving them into brick & mortar stores. Pairing location data with inventory data and coupons can be extremely powerful in increasing conversion rates, especially during holidays.

But above all, creative matters.

Use data, but don’t get lost in it. This year, the advertising world has seen a strong focus on data & technology; how to streamline the buying/selling process through programmatic, how to better target and how to better leverage consumer and product data. At Aarki, we believe that creative is still at the heart of any ad. You need one part creative and one part data to increase engagement, conversion rates, and in-store purchases. We empower our users to build the most robust and engaging creative with the help of technology and data.

With the introduction of technologies like Aarki Studio, our interactive advertising creative suite, brands, agencies, app developers and premium publishers can optimize creative in real-time – increasing in-store lift with mobile video and content ads.

Have a local advertising question? Just shoot me an email to hear more on Aarki Studio’s local capabilities or chat local advertising over a cup of coffee. Reach me via email at

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