Designer Tip #3: Feed-Based Ads, Feeding the Need for a Solution to Creative Burnout

At Aarki, we’ve been focusing on how to simplify the ad creation process to allow advertisers to easily create better performing ads. One area we see as key to driving ad performance is the ability to display regularly refreshed or hyper-relevant creative to prevent burnout and better engage users.

There are two significant barriers to refreshing or providing hyper-relevant creative -- lack of creative resources and technology. Feeds are the solution ... as they allow for creative elements to be populated from an external data source enabling the ability to build dynamic creative interactive ad units. Over the coming weeks we will publish a series of articles that will provide deeper insights on feed-based ads.

So, why would you use a feed instead of building out a creative from scratch every time?

As we touched upon above, in some instances, the extensive number of hours needed to update an ever evolving ad creative is a huge roadblock for most marketers. Take, for example, the following scenario...

A large retailer wants to showcase a selection of products in their next digital advertising campaign by featuring a new product every day. In order to achieve this, the creative designer would need to create multiple versions of the retailer’s ad, or update the product assets on a daily basis. That doesn’t sound too hard, but imagine if this needs to happen across several different ad sizes, seven days a week. If that ad features a gallery of products, we are talking multiple product assets that require updates every single day. Now it’s a lot more difficult, and very quickly the process becomes too much of a burden to support. By populating the gallery of products with a feed, all ad units can be updated dynamically, without requiring additional creative resources and shortening creative cycles.

Minimizing the creative resources needed to maintain an ad is not just a benefit to the marketer, it is something we see benefiting the broader design community as well. By freeing teams from such rote production tasks, their time can be focused on creative optimization or designing additional advanced interactive functionality in the unit to drive more engagement.

Feeds bring new creative possibilities, unimaginable before the technology was available. Imagine you are advertising a resort in Palm Springs and want to showcase weather conditions near a user with the tagline, “It’s always warmer here.” Without feeds, there would be no scalable way to build real-time weather data into the ad.

At Aarki, we are constantly inspired to bring new creative tools and functionality to market through our work with leading brands, agencies, app developers and premium publishers. We want creative teams to spend more time ideating rather than scaling or implementing an idea.

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