Three Advertising Lessons from Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope your office is decorated as wonderfully as ours and your stomach as full of sweets. Today we reflect on the lessons Hallow’s Eve can teach advertisers, besides watching out for haunted agencies and amazing agency-themed costumes.

Everyone prefers a treat to a trick.

Anyone in the ad business long enough has a scary story or two on the fallout from false advertising and tricking your audience. Beware of trickery this year and build ads with treats. Treating a user is really about keeping the advertising experience focused on what is valuable to them. Local advertising is developing this concept with the recent push towards incentivizing users to move in-store with mobile coupon advertisements. Mini-games can be another form of a treat; by gamifying your ad, you are treating the user with entertainment value. You will find your ads much more effective if you follow the treats.

Too much candy leads to stomach aches, too little candy leads to disappointment.

Too many moments of engagement in an ad lead to nausea, too few moments lead to poor performance. It can be tempting to create an ad packed with moments of engagement when you have an interactive advertising suite like Aarki Studio at your disposal. With the creative suite, engagements that would normally take a few hours or days to engineer can be developed in minutes. But that doesn’t mean that your ad should look like a circus! On the other end of the spectrum, too few moments of engagement leave your audience disappointed -- interactive ads are proven to lead to better engagement. So get a robust interactive advertising suite - if you don’t already have one - and begin sending your audience more treats.

Boo! Emotion makes for a lasting impression.

Halloween is all about emotion: fear of the scarecrow on the porch, happiness resulting from a sugar high and disappointment with Mrs. Smith’s candy selection. Good creative and advertising comes back to evoking emotion in your audience. A strong story and exciting media content tied together can bring a viewer to tears, make them smile or summon a moment of fear. When you have a robust set of interactive ad creation tools, you can spend more time developing the right story and finding compelling assets, instead of trying to engineer a way for your ideas to come to life.

So here are Halloween’s great lessons for advertising: treat the user, engage appropriately and evoke emotion. If you’d like to scale these lessons, sign up for a free trial of Aarki Studio, our best-in-class interactive advertising suite.

Now off to your ghoulish activities for the night, whether that be collecting candy from neighbors, stuffing an infant into a pumpkin costume or attending a party full of mischief!

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