Japan Sees Acceleration In Interactive Advertising

Confirming the growth of the Japanese interactive advertising market, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced its partnership with the Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA) a few weeks ago. With the IAB’s influence, Japan will begin to standardize native, rich media and video advertisements. The standardization will allow companies to adopt a universal set of tools from which to do business, increasing the opportunity for interactive and video advertising.

As the opportunities grow for interactive and video advertising, Japanese creative directors need to get up to speed quickly. Here are a few tips for staying ahead of the interactive advertising creative curve.

Design for engagement.

Interactive ads are still a fairly new concept, so it is important for Japanese creative directors to study new creative possibilities and tools before launching new campaigns. With new creative features and options, creative directors will have the opportunity to concept and design campaigns differently, with the user at the core. Interactive ads allow for more information and engagement in each experience than static ads; directors will need to think more about the user than ever before. What animation would catch a user’s eye? What sounds and motions inspire engagement? Designing and concepting for engagement will be a shift for most creative directors.

Build a clear plan.

From concepting to publishing, goal-centric campaign planning is critical to the optimization process, especially since interactive and video ads are new in the Japanese market. Having a clear campaign plan will increase the speed of adoption and success by providing a platform from which to optimize process and creative moving forward.

Complete feasibility studies.

As a part of campaign and new ad format planning, Japanese creative teams should have robust feasibility studies and testing ready to go. While video and interactive advertising have been standards in the U.S. for a few years, the Japanese market and infrastructure will carry different requirements for successfully launching interactive and video ad formats. The practice of feasibility testing will help Japanese creative teams accelerate the use of these formats; these teams won’t be left waiting as the IAB and JIAA slowly roll out new standards and studies.

Choose the right partner.

Interactive and video ads don’t have to be more expensive or time consuming if your creative team chooses the right partner. Creative directors should look for partners to guide them through best practices and provide a rich set of easy to use creative tools.

Following these tips you will be on your way to pioneering what interactive and video advertising looks like in Japan; our creative solution and team has already started to so. Aarki Studio excels at delivering video and interactive advertising across screens. Our web-based platform offers a rich set of features and customizations that allow creative director actualize their creative concepts. You won’t lose a minute designing with Aarki Studio’s so easy to use widgets, UI and keyboard shortcuts. Aarki Studio is available in Japanese and English.


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