How Can You Stay Ahead of the Mobile Advertising Curve?

Advertising Week has come and gone. And while there is consensus mobile is the “next big thing” in the advertising industry, chronic problems persist. Last week in New York, we heard Google’s Jason Bigler speak to a few solutions to these problems: rich media, cross-screen ads, and reusability. Other Ad Week speakers, such as PepsiCo’s Frank Cooper, believe Bigler’s solutions are resolving the chronic problems and predict 2015 as the year interesting mobile creative is unlocked. Now the pressure is on you as the creative director to deliver against these elevated expectations.

Here is how you can stay ahead of the mobile creative curve in 2015:

Use cross-screen HTML5 technology

As mobile devices are adopted worldwide, you need to look beyond the rectangles of each individual device and think about the individual consuming the content. Use a creative studio that allows you to create, launch and analyze your local, video, native or mini-game HTML5 ads in one place.

Develop reusable and scalable templates

Converting from Flash can be time consuming and expensive. Templates are a useful tool to help your team ramp up quickly. Ensure your ad creation suite provides a rich set of templates and includes the capability to customize and create new templates. Use the built-in templates and widgets as a starting point to creating experiences that wow your stakeholders.

Use video in your ad units

Video ads typically provide better engagement than static banner ads. Your creative suite should enable your videos ads to run on all mobile devices. Play with video features such as control bars, play buttons and countdown timers, to optimize for higher video completion rates.

Maximize use of feed-based ads

Show dynamic content in mobile creative with feeds. Feeds will populate information based on the context of the user. Assets provided by the feed should scale well and keep the visual quality of the creative. If the feed needs to pass an app icon, the size on the creative asset should be proportional to app icon’s original size.

Test and optimize

Set up A/B tests using a variety of parameters and optimize ads based on the data collected. Phase your testing approach to allow for more control maximizing your advertising goals. Begin A/B tests with as simple as CTA variations and progress to more complex testing such as multivariate testing.

Aarki Studio – a natural choice

Keeping creative at the core, Aarki Studio excels in delivering video and dynamic ads on mobile platforms. It is flexible, online and uses HTML5. The solution contains hundreds of built-in templates and widgets. And it offers robust A/B testing and optimization. As a result, you can create powerful and compelling ads easily and in a short amount of time.

Take ahold of the creative future – try Aarki Studio today.


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