Hot Trends for Paris Games Week

Jet setting once again to the land of baguettes and the Mona Lisa for Paris Games Week at Porte de Versailles October 29 – 31. We are excited at the opportunity to mingle with top European mobile gaming development, publishing, funding, production, marketing and distribution professionals. And we are predicting more than some empty glasses and full stomachs. Here are a few trends that we believe will take center stage.

From China to MENA, A New Mobile Frontier.

China has already understood the power of mobile and has been moving towards setting up the right infrastructure to run mobile ads. Chinese app developers are experiencing rapid growth as the mobile market expands and consumers upgrade from feature to smartphones. This year, we expect to hear more about opportunities in Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which is fast growing to be the next mobile frontier.

Native Ads will be the New Standard.

We predict that mobile gaming native advertisements will be the new standard this year. Say goodbye to old ad formats born of the desktop gaming era and usher in a new era of advertising focused on user experience. Both Twitter and Facebook showed up to the native game in the past year by staying true to their user-centric philosophies as they begin to build out extensive ad networks.

Increasing Importance of LTV.

While app installs and engagement metrics are important to advertisers, we are seeing the industry turn towards re-engagement and lifetime value (LTV). Companies will begin to take the value of each user much more seriously and, as a result, targeting will become more specific. The metrics game will become much more complex and require more thoughtful analysis as we look to find the perfect algorithm for determining value.

Consolidation is the Name of the Game.

A version of advertising Darwinism is likely to sweep through the world of mobile game advertising in the next few months. We expect many conversations at Paris Games Week to center around acquisitions and new strategic business partnerships.

Brands & Retailers.

As consumers worldwide increase their adoption of mobile technology, brands and retailers are hopping on the mobile advertising train. This year, brands and retailers won’t just show up at Paris Games Week, they will be paying close attention and seeking ideas to help plan their expanding mobile advertising budgets for next year.

In summary, mobile continues to reshape the gaming and advertising business ... only time will tell how good we are at reading the tea leaves. If you are attending Paris Games Week, do give me a shout by emailing antonino(at)aarki(dot)com. I’d love to meet in person or take a quick phone call to explain how you can become an Aarki partner or acquire high volume installs.

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