Designer Tip #2: Designing the Perfect Creative

Our in-house creative guru Justin Kim shares his top five tips for executing a flawless creative process. Designers, working in shops of all shapes and sizes, should find these tips useful as they design their next advertising masterpiece.

Know the product.

Take time to understand the subject of each creative request you receive. Spend some time to learn and experience the product you are designing an ad for. This is a great way to spark creativity that aligns with the brand and product experience.

Know the goal.

Design with the goal for the ad at the center. Before you begin creative brainstorming, have a strong understanding of the central goal for the ad. Too many designers rush into the brainstorming phase and later have a difficult time tying their rock star idea back to the campaign goal.

Keep a library of inspiration.

Search for visual inspiration around you, but don't forget to build your own online library of inspiration. Keep a bookmark bar folder with your favorite online inspirations for future projects. Your reference library will be especially helpful for last minute projects that require quick concepting.

Keep the balance.

Just because you design for digital media doesn’t mean you can let go of your traditional art practice. Becoming an expert in the technical aspects of design suites such as Adobe Photoshop or Aarki Studio is important, however, traditional artistic practices keep your artistic inspiration alive. Paint or draw in a sketchbook once in a while to keep things fresh.

Be patient.

This is probably the most important tip but one that is often ignored. Even if you have a tremendous amount of inspiration and technical ability, creative design is still a very tedious process. Don’t let those deadlines and aggressive clients bully you. Be patient and allow yourself plenty of time to create your next masterpiece.

And now off to design! To learn more on how to make your designs and ads come to life, get a free trial of our interactive advertising creative suite. Get access to the creative, ad serving and media buying capabilities that Justin loves so much. Sign up for a free trial.

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