Designer Tip #1: How to Increase Completion Rate for Your Video Ad

Video advertisements outperform all other digital ad formats. Mobile video is the fastest growing digital ad format. Videos drive higher engagement, which results in heightened brand awareness and higher click-through rates. Make sure your creative suite contains tools that maximize video engagement by optimizing the creative for completion rate.

Minimize loading speeds.

By decreasing loading speeds, we can drive more users to view the video. This results in increased brand awareness, positive user experience, and higher completion rates. Minimizing loading speeds minimizes the number of users who will click out of the ad, especially when the video is skippable: in the case of autoplay video, it minimizes the number of users who will click out of the ad.

Quality video production and creative are at the core of well performing ads, but the creative needs to be seen in order to make the impact it was designed to make. Your interactive advertising creative suite vendor should constantly monitor and attempt to minimize loading speeds on the back-end. However, designers should also be designing for their intended users’ connections and optimal loading speeds on the front-end. Use interactive advertising suite features to monitor file size while designing and compress or minimize where possible.

Create engagement opportunities during video play.

The second-screen revolution has changed the way marketers engage users and users’ expectations of the quality of engagement. Watching a video and interacting with the ad can increase engagement for the complete ad unit and increase video completion rates. As user experience is typically not sacrificed, watching and interacting with an ad at the same time fits seamlessly into the user’s second-screen lifestyle. Another form of engagement is to give the user more control over the video ad unit. IAB’s Ad Control Bar Video Rising Star unit is a great example of how giving the user more control through interaction can improve performance.

Tracking data results in powerful video and creative.

Designers should always stay close to analytics, especially when it comes to video ad units. Completion rates can be drastically improved by tracking metrics as simple as page views. Understand how the page number affects the video completion rate and make real-time changes based on the data. For example, moving the video up a few pages in the ad may bring you better completion rates. Video quartile metrics are another key indicator for creative needs in an ad. Are your users dropping off because the first five seconds of the video are boring or are you showing the close out button too early? Keeping a close eye on these metrics gives you great starting points for optimizing your creative and in turn, improving your video completion rates.

Aarki certainly has its eye on video completion rates, as any quality interactive advertising creative suite vendor should. As dollars and eyeballs move to video, creative suites need to continue to innovate to give designers the ability to customize a unit quickly and provide viewers with more controls. Both can be done through Aarki Studio. If you’d like to take a free tour of our creative suite, contact us.

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