Accelerate Ad Creation and Increase Performance with Cloning and Templates

Building interactive cross-screen ads can prove daunting for even the most experienced creative team. Dependent on the level of complexity, the process of storyboarding, attaining client assets and finalizing an ad unit can take between one day and four weeks. Through the use of cloning and templates you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on each ad unit without compromising performance. In this article, we outline three ways you can use cloning and templates to scale ad creation and optimize performance.

Use industry proven templates.

Similar to IAB’s Mobile Rising Star ads, Aarki Studio provides you with more than 50 built-in templates with proven performance. These out-of-the-box templates help you improve your existing formats and provide you with options to sell additional formats. The standard set of templates is continually updated based on insights from our own A/B tests and new templates added with new technology releases.

Use cloning to run A/B tests.

By cloning the ad, you can run a quick A/B test to optimize for call-to-action, creative or copy. We recommend starting your tests by optimizing for calls-to-action. Once you’ve established your interactive ad creative, clone it and make a single change in the cloned copy of the ad. Use the outcomes of the A/B test to help you determine which ads to create templates from for future campaigns. Aarki Studio allows you to easily clone an existing ad unit, removing a lot of manual work for A/B testing.

Create templates from high performing ads.

There is no need to begin from scratch every time you design a new interactive ad. By creating templates from well performing ads, you will build a library of successful formats. These templates will improve your turnaround time and performance metrics. Aarki Studio allows you to templatize your favorite and best performing ads with a click of a button. When it comes time to design from a template, simply select the template in your library and switch out assets.

Our clients report quicker ad creation cycles and better performance. See for yourself how Aarki Studio cloning and templates can transform your advertising. Sign up for Aarki Studio free today.

Topics: Creative Insights