Aarki, pioneer and evangelist of mobile advertising in MENA countries, attending Dubai World Game Expo

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the next hotspot for mobile advertising. With more than 500 million people, MENA is demanding some attention from its mobile advertising older siblings: U.S., China and LATAM. In the last year alone, the region brought in more than $100 million in revenue from the online gaming industry, up from $70 million the year before. The increase in revenue parallels the 57% increase in digital marketing spend. MENA continues to go up, up, up, and here’s why.

Ability to scale.

Similar to the other key regions, MENA’s population shares a common language, as well as similar cultural traditions. Leveraging these similarities and the relative size of the region, there is a huge potential to scale new business practices and investments in MENA. In contrast, businesses are still struggling to scale for the 500 million people in Europe primarily due to stark differences in language and culture. Make sure to build into your MENA planning the ability to scale by allocating appropriate resources, ensuring proper coverage and choosing the right partners.

Moving to mobile.

The region is beginning to see a shift in mobile use as a younger and more educated population adopts new technology. In five to 10 years, these 25 year-old mobile adopters will be dictating the marketplace and we will see mobile advertising explode in the region. Mobile display advertising alone is expected to go up 40-50% over the next year in the region. To be prepared for the future, you should allocate spend on mobile and cross-screen ads targeting the tech-savvy younger generation.

Give the people what they want, engagement.

The MENA audience craves engagement. More than half of the mobile web users love to download mobile content. Keep this audience attentive by focusing brand spend on innovative interactive ad creative. Your CPI, CPA and CPL campaigns should focus on interaction through out-of-the-box creative: try a mini-game unit or interactive video such as the ones available in Aarki Studio.

Aarki is attending the Dubai World Game Expo October 27-28, 2014. We help customers rise above the competition by enabling highly engaging, interactive advertisements across all devices. If you are attending the conference and want to learn more about how to become a partner in Aarki’s ad network or how to acquire high volume installs, please contact me at antonino(at)aarki(dot)com. I’d be happy to meet with you at the conference or take a quick call and funnel you to the correct contact.

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