Three Predictions for Ad Week 2014

The bags are packed, devices charged and meetings scheduled – we’re ready for Advertising Week 2014. The annual week of New York City advertising madness commences Monday, and we are excited. Regardless of the events you choose to attend, IAB MIXX, Ad Week or SM2, advertising week is known for shedding light on powerful innovators and launching grand ideas.

As we look forward to our week, we wanted to share three trends we expect to see at Ad Week this year.

Brands are paying attention, close attention.

As technology simplifies the complex advertising ecosystem and reduces operational costs, brands are paying close attention. This year, we foresee strong brand attendance and attention, especially when it comes to programmatic buying. Representatives won’t be simply nodding during sessions, they will be raising their hands, scrutinizing demos and booking meetings.

Publishers are leading, not following advertising trends.

In the past, publishers were on the receiving end of innovation sparked during NYC Ad Week. This year we will see publishers take a notable stake front and center, as leaders in promoted content and native advertising.

Advertising technology and creative, are getting married.

We saw creative and advertising technology get engaged at Cannes, and at Ad Week they will recite their vows. The frequency of consolidations in ad tech is increasing as marketers look to holistic, not point solutions. A common difficulty in consolidation is how to effectively merge creative and technology; we see that several Ad Week sessions and discussions will address this merger and potential solutions.

These are a few of our predictions. What do you think? What trends do you expect to see at Ad Week 2014? Always a wonderfully busy and thought provoking week; we hope to see you all there. A few members of our leadership team will be buzzing between a few events and would love to connect. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a meeting with an Aarki representative at Ad Week.

Topics: Events, Industry News