London's Digital Fashion Week

As the Spring/Summer 2015 fashion weeks come to a close, one true digital winner is rising to the top. Although London fashion week is not as established as its European rivals, it has certainly become the leader for tech-savvy innovation. From Google’s designer digital bootcamp to Twitter’s new “Buy" button for runway nail polish colors, London’s digital success is proving the fashion world can bridge the digital divide.

Just a few years ago, shock struck the fashion world as Tavi, Bryan Boy and the Sartorialist took their front row seats next to Anna Wintour for fashion week. A few years and thousands of fashion blogs later, digital publishing is the norm; this year’s front-row bloggers are not shocked at all. While digital publishing is commonplace, marketers still struggle with how to maximize the impact of digital marketing. IAB’s recent study, “Fashion on Phones,” uncovered a few critical digital marketing best practices missed by several fashion institutions, such as the lack of a mobile-optimized and responsive site.

We take a look at what went right with digital at the London fashion week and how to apply these lessons to interactive advertising.


Historically privy to an elite few, social media has pushed designers and brands to think differently about their customer segments during fashion week.The British Fashion Council announced that 90% of it’s London fashion week runway shows streamed live, even in China through WeChat. London also managed to leverage social celebrities like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne to create major buzz on Instagram and Twitter. The lesson here: don’t forget the power of a social share. Make sure your interactive ads include options for sharing across social platforms.

Direct Purchase.

Fashion week and brands have a huge opportunity to maximize e-commerce through interactive advertisements. Whether the ad is running on Twitter or a streaming video site, fashion has the advantage of completing the purchase funnel at the click-through. Burberry offered nail polish colors as they came down the runway with the Twitter’s new “Buy" button. While branding is important, remember to maximize the opportunity for real-time purchase.

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London made some huge digital strides this year, and we hope to see even more digital integration and creative interactive advertising in the next round of fashion weeks.

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