Interactive Advertising Analytics Best Practices

From the creative suite to the analytics dashboard – Aarki Studio – our interactive advertising platform is built for ease of use. Publishers, brands, advertisers, developers and ad networks look to us to simplify ad creation and measurement.

We simplify ad creation and measurement for each of our clients by making it really easy for them to follow universal best practices. In today’s post we will review three measurement best practices for successful interactive advertising campaign: it’s not over until the fat lady sings, definitions and equations matter and track everything, but measure specifically.

It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Do not sign, seal or deliver your advertising campaign performance until the final day. Real-time optimization should be a part of your daily routine and should not conclude until the campaign does. In Aarki’s analytics dashboard you can carefully track your creative real-time and switch out versions in a matter of minutes. Each optimized version of creative is labeled a snapshot and can be analyzed for effectiveness against the previous snapshots. Optimization can drastically improve your results and help you understand your target audience better for future campaigns.

Definitions and equations matter.

The number of definitions for engagement or play rate are as numerous as the stars. As you are setting up your campaign and optimizing on the fly, make sure you clearly understand definitions of metrics you are tracking on each technology, as well as metric definitions related to client expectations. They can vary greatly; understanding the differences between each will help you accurately analyze the performance of your campaign. For example, is video play rate calculated from impressions or first page views? In expandable ad units, is an expansion considered engagement? In Aarki Studio, analytics definitions are accessible on the dashboard and we are always available to answer questions via live chat.

Track everything, measure specifically.

Track down the funnel and across creative; measure against the campaign goal. It’s always important to measure success against your campaign goal to understand performance, but that measure alone won’t help you replicate or improve results for the next campaign. Advertisers can quickly assess the value of engagement regardless of performance against the campaign goal by measuring down the funnel: impressions, first page views, first interactions and click-through. Creative metrics help paint a picture of user experience for real-time optimization, as well as provide color to post campaign performance analysis. In Aarki Studio, an advertiser can track all user interaction within an ad unit: clicks, swipes, pixel firing, shares and more. By tracking everything and measuring specifically, advertisers have the information available to report on goals and build a story to support replication of success or improvement for the next campaign.

Follow the analytics best practices listed above for successful interactive advertising campaigns. To see Aarki Studio’s analytics in practice, contact us to run a test campaign.

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