Aarki's Gamescom Cologne Recap

We love game developers; thus we love Gamescom Cologne. We answered questions on monetizing traffic and user acquisition, attended inspiring sessions and continued conversations at river-side events. Most of the conversations at this year’s Gamescom Cologne touched on world markets and the future of performance marketing.

World Markets

While growth for traders will continue to originate from traditional international hubs such as New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and Tel Aviv; publishers and advertisers are beginning to develop offerings in new world markets. Multi-screen and mobile lifestyles are a global reality. In some emerging markets, consumers are experiencing the Internet for the first-time through mobile devices.

Echoing themes from this year’s Casual Connect San Francisco, Gamescom Cologne emphasized opportunities in APAC’s growing mobile advertising market, especially as it is turning out to be much larger than the European market. The sizable mobile markets in APAC’s Japan, Korea and China alone are forcing publishers and advertisers to build strategies for monetizing outside of their cultural comfort zones. Session speakers advise publishers to seek monetizing in emerging markets beyond APAC: the Gulf countries in MENA and LATAM – specifically Mexico. As international and emerging markets continue to grow mobile offerings, user acquisition advertisers will also move towards countries where they can scale with high volume inventory such as China, U.S., Russia, India, Brazil and Indonesia.

Future of Performance Marketing

Mobile has forced all parts of the advertising ecosystem to think differently about the future of performance marketing. The rate of change has accelerated as advertisers and publishers scramble to solve for the mobile dilemma. The result – mobile technology and data have become more refined, strengthening targeting capabilities. Brands see targeting as a way to reach the most relevant consumer with the most relevant content, a key to future advertising success. They are showing their commitment by focusing dollars and time on building out premium inventory, behavioral targeting and programmatic media buying. In order to measure relevancy, brands will be looking to deeper engagement metrics, which the industry has already begun to build out. Better targeting will make bottom of the funnel advertising more accessible and effective, which will place more focus on attaining and optimizing for ROI metrics. This trend will especially be present in travel, e-commerce and entertainment industries. Focusing on ROI will highlight video and rich media ad formats as the rockstars of the future, since they have already begun to prove high ROI.

Gamescom Cologne 2014’s two larger discussions of expansion and targeting work to create a more inclusive environment and useful experience. There was a sentiment of maintaining a focus on quality as we expand into new mobile markets. At Gamescom Cologne 2014, we got in touch with our global publishing and advertising partners to discuss our self-service platform – Aarki Studio – and global incentivized offer wall inventory on top ranking iPhone, Android and Amazon operating systems. However, you don’t need to attend Gamescom Cologne to talk to us about monetizing your supply and demand, contact us today!

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