The Perfect Home for Native Ads.

At the Brightroll Video Summit, Tod Sacerdoti of Brightroll and Ned Brody of Yahoo came together to speak about the overwhelming amount of change in the digital video ad ecosystem. In the conversation, Ned shed light on Yahoo’s January launch of digital magazine initiatives, and Combining image-heavy editorial content with native advertising, Yahoo created an optimal user experience for its consumers.

In the digital age, the ability to filter information is more crucial than understanding how to find it, unlike previous generations who struggled to find information from a variety of tedious and impossible sources. Over the years of multiscreen online consumption, stereotypical ads and stereotypical ad placements weren't making it through the filter. In these digital magazines, the sponsored content is almost identical to the editorial content, resulting in engaging and effective placements. The quality of the advertising content and placement is high. If Yahoo didn't label sponsored content, it would be difficult to differentiate between sponsored and editorial. We would happily take the opportunity to contribute our experience with Aarki Studio for native ads on either Yahoo digital magazine, see below one of our ideas.

Chinatown on

To target foodie travelers as warmer weather arrives and people leave their winter living room hideouts, we can see an interactive ad by the California Travel and Tourism Commission on exploring the tastes of Chinatown. The interactive ad begins with a 360 view of a market in Chinatown. The consumer swipes or drags their mouse over the screen to take a 360 view of baskets full of ingredients. Each basket includes an option to view a video featuring a Chinatown expert describing the basket of ingredients and detailing the recipe. After the consumer finishes the native ad experience, they can get directions to the closest Chinatown area and click through to the commission’s site to download a copy of the recipe.

We would love to hear from you creative types. What type of native advertisement would you build for or on Aarki Studio?

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