At the Beginning.

We are only at the beginning. Mobile is only now becoming passé, and sights are quickly turning to multiscreen, but the truth is that our connected lives are in their infancy. Just around the corner we will see wearable technology and connected devices with interactive advertisements. We can ponder and test, toy and experiment, but as in life, it’s in these moments of change we come back to who we are, no matter the corner. We derive our name, Aarki, from the Sanskrit word meaning to rise above or elevate, and that is where we go back to at each corner. The idea of rising above carried us to innovate on HTML5, inline video, mini-games, custom analytics and templates, and it will carry us to innovate for the pieces of our connected lives around the corner. We look forward to innovating with you, contact us to learn more and take a peek at our reel below.

Aarki Studio - Rich Media Creative Advertising Platform

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