Technical Realities for Creative Concepts

In our previous post, "Finding Time for Innovation," we called creative types to rise above and make time for innovation. After concepting and creating mocks for the next Picasso of interactive advertising, it can be disheartening to find the concept didn't translate to the technical realities of the interactive ad world. We've highlighted three quick tips to keep in mind while realizing your concept on the proverbial pen and paper.

1. Build your ad with size in mind.

The faster an ad loads, the quicker the web page loads and more opportunity for higher conversion and click-through rates. According to a recent study by Trilibis, the majority of websites load in more than the ideal four seconds, averaging more than seven seconds load time. Creative types should prepare for slow load times by checking in on the ad size as they build their rich media advertisement. In Aarki Studio, our Ad Score feature allows for real-time ad size analysis to inform your creative choices. Keep to the core of your concept, but scale back the size if it means faster load times.

2. Prepare for browser support.

Ensure you have a clear understanding of which browsers can support your rich media ad and ensure your software allows for an alternative plan in the case concepts aren’t supported. In Aarki Studio, the Ad Score feature produces real-time browser support reporting, allowing the creative team to make real-time creative choices to improve universality of the ad. In addition, the Fallback feature allows for a secondary, less complex, ad to appear in place of the interactive ad when a browser isn’t supported, allowing for a branded experience regardless of browser support.

3. Track ad performance for real-time creative changes.

After taking into consideration creative concept and technical requirements, the creative still may not perform as you had hoped. Prepare yourself to make real-time creative changes to improve interactive ad performance. Aarki Studio was built with the Snapshot feature to switch out versions of creative on the fly and track the performance of each version, allowing advertisers to make dynamic, performance-based decisions.

Hopefully you have chosen the right interactive ad platform for your campaign, one that helps your creativity come to life and prepares you to adapt when necessary. We would be happy to walk you through additional tips and Aarki Studio features, please reach out on our contact page.

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