Measuring Engagement.

This week Brian D’Alessandro wrote a post in Mobile Marketer outlining three mobile measurement rules marketers should live by. We would like to add our industry perspective to the first rule, “Do not engage in child’s play.”

We agree with Brian, click-through rate (CTR) is one measure of effectiveness, but should not be the default metric for interactive ad campaigns. Following a user through their experience with multiple metrics is the best way for advertisers to determine the effectiveness of their rich media ads.

In our creative multiscreen ad platform, Aarki Studio, we track first interaction rate alongside impressions , CTR and much more. A first interaction rate is the number of unique creative interactions initiated by an event (swipe, tap, drag, etc.) that results in a corresponding action (fire pixel, url, post to Facebook) to impressions. This could be a user scratching frost off wind shield or swiping for a 360 view. With first interaction rate, a brand can follow the user experience between the impressions and CTR, filling in the picture of user brand engagement.

As a crucial part of the new advertising funnel, metrics tied to engagement within the ad unit should not be ignored. Using multiple data points to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaign will provide stronger insights to optimize ad performance. To demo Aarki Studio and see these engagement metrics yourself, contact us, and we will be in touch soon.

Topics: Creative Insights