Interactive, Multiscreen Mini-Game Ads Provide Highest Engagement and Performance

Aarki Study Reveals that Interactive, Multiscreen Mini-Game Ads Provide Highest Engagement and Performance

Aarki’s work with premium publishers, use of creative analytics, and adoption of an engagement-focused advertising funnel demonstrates interactive mini-game ads can outperform standard banner advertising up to 22.5x better.

Mountain View, Calif. – March 20, 2014Aarki, a leader in interactive and creative advertising, today releases its findings on the best ad units for multiscreen engagement and lends its voice to those in the industry calling for advertisers to adopt a new advertising funnel based on these results. The current advertising funnel methodology only measures impressions, click-through rates and conversion rates. But in the world of interactive devices, whether that’s mobile or smart televisions, engagement is a critical component in measuring the success of any multi-platform advertisement.

After working with the top 25 premium publishers creating 100s of highly engaging interactive multiscreen advertisements, Aarki’s findings conclude that mini-game ad units provide the highest levels of engagement across mobile, tablet and desktop.

The research results include:

Higher Average Time Spent: Users who engage with mini-game ad units spend up to 65 seconds with the ad, leading to an increase in brand awareness and better targeted users.
Re-Engagement: Mini-games often allow for a user to replay the game in order to improve their score. This leads to multiple engagements with a single ad unit: Aarki has found that highly engaged users replay a mini game ad unit 2 to 3 times.
Multichannel Sharing: Engagement with mini game ads creates a sense of competition and leads to increased social sharing by up to 16%.
Native Mini Games Perform Best: When a mini-game is combined with the unique features of an app or well-known gaming title, the overall ad performance increases up to 8x more than full screen interstitials.

Sid Bhatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Aarki, comments: “By working with some of the biggest game makers in the world and delivering mini-game ad units with our creative advertising platform Aarki Studio, we've uncovered that interactive mini games—especially as part of native units—outperform static ads by up to 22.5x. This confirms what others in the industry have called for recently, and that’s to adopt an advertising funnel that captures engagement.”


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