Making Rich Media Advertising Better, Faster, Easier

When faced with the creation of rich media ads, many companies find themselves stuck with few options and the daunting task of creating an ad that performs.

From start to finish, even when designers build an ad unit, it can take several iterations to get it right. From storyboarding, ensuring the proper look and feel with high-quality assets, to the finishing touches; it can take as much as four weeks to finish a complex rich media ad. Even minor tweaks can cause havoc on companies, as it often requires redistributing the ad units to many partners.

That’s why we decided to apply some lessons we've learned as an advertising technology company to our Aarki Studio Multiscreen Creative Platform.

Modifying existing ad to run an A/B Test should be easy and immediate

Studio allows you to easily clone an existing ad. Cloning copies all the changes and gives you a new instance of the ad. The designer can now make changes on the cloned new ad, and deploy the A/B Test.

If an ad works incredibly well, it should be easy to replicate.

Some ads when launched perform exceedingly well. That’s why we added a feature in Aarki Studio that allows the saving of any ad as a template with one click. All the assets used in the ad are saved in the template, making the reuse of this ad, or the creation of a new ad based on the template, as easy as possible.

Deciphering the latest in-demand and industry standard ad units shouldn’t require a team of experts

Like the Mobile Rising Star Ads, Aarki studio has enabled more than 50 out-of-the-box templates to boost creation of ads that perform well. Aarki will continue to add more templates so all our advertisers can quickly create the latest and highest performing rich media ads across all devices.

But don't take our word for it. Contact us to get a demo and see these features for yourself.

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