Multiscreen Advertising is Here to Stay!

Multiscreen has been a buzzword for a lot of marketers with the explosion of ad sizes across smartphones, tablets and desktops. With the mobile landscape growing, marketers need to be smart and are forced to cater to the demand of users who access content across multiple devices each day. For this, marketers who care about branding, want consistent look-and-feel no matter where a user hangs out--whether that's on a tablet, mobile device or desktop.

On the other hand, A/B Testing is something that is a holy grail for optimizing ads when you have one ad size, this is something that's been solved by many ad platforms, and marketers continue to use these techniques. But adding multiple ad sizes creates complexity and makes it difficult to scale this type of testing.

Lets observe how to solve this in two scenarios:

  1. Create a campaign and create one ad creative for each of these devices (highly manual and labor intensive)
    • Creating multiple ad tags that work for each screen
    • Ongoing optimization across ad sizes is extremely time consuming
  2. Create a campaign and only one ad creative (the Aarki approach)
    • Create only one ad tag that works across devices
    • Changes to creative applies to all ad screens

Now most marketers are using option 1, which is easy and straightforward. But the amount of effort required to generate a proper ROI ratio is unknown and hit or miss. In the long run, marketers will be looking for solutions that deliver the highest ROI for minimal effort. We have been working closely with our partners and clients to come up with best practices to accomplish better ROI results and easier ad creation across multiple screens.

So, what is the solution? Aarki Studio, and here's how we solve it:

  1. Create an ad across screens in one place (i.e. our studio)
  2. Make real time edits to creative, thats deployed to all your ad sizes. Ads are responsive and adjust to the display environment.
  3. Universal ad tags - one tag across devices
  4. Run multiple tests across devices in real time

Interested? Leave us a comment, or contact us to learn more.

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