Successful Omnichannel Begins With Mobile

Multi-channel marketing campaigns combine the best of all worlds. Utilization of multiple channels allows marketers to have multiple touch points with their brand’s consumers, and allow consumers to choose how they will interact with their favorite brands. By utilizing TV, print, digital, mobile, and other types of media, marketers can achieve comprehensive consumer reach and brand immersion.

Companies are continuing to grow the shares of their omni-channel marketing budgets that are spent on the mobile channel. By integrating mobile strategies with point of sale systems, signage at their brick-and-mortar stores, and direct mail coupon campaigns, brand marketers are leveraging mobile’s ability to engage consumers everywhere.

However, ongoing uncertainty still plagues mobile. A recent study by Forrester Research found that 37% of marketers have not defined their mobile objectives, and that those that have view mobile primarily as a consumer engagement and satisfaction tool, neglecting to consider the variety of other objectives that mobile can help accomplish.

More successful omni-channel campaigns successfully leverage the mobile channel to accomplish a variety of goals. For example, the recent Starbucks “Come Together” campaign spanned mobile, social, and web channels, influencing consumers to sign petitions expressing cross-party solidarity during the government shutdown. Starbucks allowed consumers to send a mobile SMS to sign their petition and updates on the status of the government shutdown, capturing their phone numbers for future use. By utilizing its mobile presence to both capture information as well as engage consumers, Starbucks is able to leverage their mobile strategy to its full potential; 10% of its 2013 Q3 revenue came from mobile.

Overall, the most important component of any successful multi-channel strategy is a consistent customer experience. Brands must develop quality experiences across their mobile, print, and digital presences, accustoming their consumers to expect the best from their products.

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