Marketers More Knowledgeable About Mobile

Over the past two years, brands’ mobile marketing budgets have increased by 142%, according to the recent “Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising” study published jointly by the IAB and Ovum. With the number of brands adopting large mobile budgets increasing from 7% in 2011 to 32% today, it’s apparent that brand marketers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the mobile advertising space. In order to win the increasing amount of money being spent by brands on mobile campaigns, mobile advertising operators must therefore offer truly differentiated offerings.

As a result of their greater familiarity with mobile resources, formats, and strategies, 74% of brand marketing executives plan to increase their mobile ad spend over the next two years. They’ve identified responsive design, native HTML5 advertising, and programmatic buying as the top industry trends, with the primary goal of driving brand awareness. Secondary goals include increased engagement, driving sales, support for specific promotions, and customer relationship marketing.

Most notably, a decreased number of marketers claimed that agencies lacked expertise, with only 15% of marketers citing it as a challenge of high importance, compared to 21% in 2011. Additionally, only 23% of marketers stated that dealing with device fragmentation was a challenge, compared to 39% in 2011.

Mobile rich media ads have experienced increase use as a result of marketers’ increased mobile knowledge, now being used by 35% of marketers compared to 19% two years ago. At Aarki, we work with brand marketers to develop engaging rich media campaigns that drive both awareness and engagement, and educate the advertising industry on the latest mobile advertising tools available.

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