Leading the Charge: CPG Invests in Mobile

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is rapidly adopting mobile marketing. CPG brands increased their mobile spend by 235% last year, as men and women worldwide use their phones in-store as well as on the go to find coupons/ deals, as well as research product details. In the intensely competitive CPG industry, it’s clear that brands that fail to adopt mobile will be left trailing their competition. In order to serve as a quick introduction to the mobile CPG landscape, we’ve outlined some of the major CPG trends and metrics that Aarki has seen.

In order to engage the increasingly mobile consumer, one major tactic that CPG brands have utilized is the development of mobile apps to directly engage consumers while deepening their relationships. 84% of CPG companies’ employees stated that their company had developed at least one live mobile app, while over 30% of companies had developed more than five apps.

However, the majority of ongoing mobile spend has been on mobile campaigns that center on generating targeted awareness. 46% of mobile CPG campaigns have had awareness as a goal, compared to 14% of mobile campaigns generally, with CPG campaigns also being twice as likely to utilize video. This approach has led to excellent campaign performance. CPG campaigns have averaged 17% engagement rates when using HTML5, and experience a 34% increase in CTRs when applying data targeting.

When it comes to mobile, targeting is one of the main considerations that CPG marketers have focused on, with 40% of them having utilized location targeting in their mobile campaigns. Women and men also exhibit different in-store mobile behavior, with men using their phones to learn more product information and women using their phones to text/call/send pictures to their friends in order to learn more about them.

Overall, CPG companies have generally seen positive returns on their mobile investments. At Aarki, we’re leveraging our premium publisher inventory, engaging HTML5 rich media ads, and display and video volume to help brands deliver deep, branded experiences to consumers everywhere. With US adults spending an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes on their mobile devices everyday, mobile is a channel that cannot be ignored or underinvested in; Aarki can help you maximize the effectiveness of your spend and resources.

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