Invest in Mobile This Holiday Season

For retailers, the holiday season gets busier and busier every year. Their brick and mortar locations are overrun by holiday shoppers throughout November and December, and their ecommerce sites face an onslaught of traffic as online shoppers seek to conveniently complete their wish lists. With holiday spend projected to reach $640 billion this year, an increase of 11% from last year, retailers must both expand their ability to serve more consumers, and position themselves to grab a larger slice of the holiday pie.

The increasing adoption and availability of mobile commerce solutions are key drivers in the growing pot of holiday spend. In the U.S., retail ecommerce holiday sales will increase by 15% to $61.8 billion; mobile’s share of these sales is expected to reach 16%. As a driver of total sales, and as a shopping research tool, retailers believe that mobile will hold the key to sales growth this holiday season. 53% of retailers believe that their mobile presence will result in significant growth, while 38% believe that mobile will pull shoppers into their physical stores, especially the important omni-channel buyers. One out of every three retailers believes that mobile will account for at least 10% of holiday sales.

Overall, the most important considerations that companies must take into account for this holiday season, according to retailers, are consistent customer experiences, inventory visibility, and fulfillment across all channels. At Aarki, we ensure premium quality for all of our brand advertisers through our engaging rich media ads, in-house campaign optimization, and free creative services. The growing mobile consumer market will only get bigger as the holiday season approaches; ensure that your mobile strategy engages consumers while driving action!

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