Ad Week Wrap-up: Aarki in New York

This year’s Advertising Week brought together the world’s leading brands and ad agencies to discuss all things mobile, digital and cross-platform.

Many Ad Week events centered on the mobile screen, as well as “device agnosticism”; delivering relevant content to the right audience by utilizing data-driven market research. At events such as the Mobile Media Summit, brand and agency attendees learned from the largest players in the mobile advertising space, and gained exposure to the intricacies of engaging mobile consumers.

In one panel, titled “What Does the Future Hold in Brand Advertising on Mobile Platforms”, panel participants from Celtra, DDB, McGarryBowen, Activision, and Mediavest discussed their own personal experiences in mobile brand advertising. The panel consistently communicated their dissatisfaction with banner ads, and drove home the benefits of investing in engaging video and rich media ad units. For example, Steve Hicks, CCO of McGarryBowen’s Continuity digital practice, stated that brands are losing their voice on mobile as a result of being forced into small banner ads; he asserted that brands like music, movement and rich experiences that leverage mobile technology capabilities across the entire screen.

Overall, Aarki saw mobile marketers focusing their campaign objectives on relevance first, followed by awareness. Many brand marketers believe that data-driven ad products will hold the key to unlocking their advertising budgets, and look forward to the future of the mobile advertising industry.

As experts in mobile rich media, Aarki is able to target consumers across its network of premium publishers by utilizing a variety of relevant parameters. Our in-house analytics team optimizes campaigns for each of our advertising partners, and our data-driven approach to solving our clients’ advertising needs has led to success in both mobile engagement and awareness campaigns.

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