The Growth of the Chinese Mobile Market

The Chinese mobile market is markedly different from the United States’. China’s huge population, urban-rural divide, and geographic spread all contribute to the proliferation of a wide variety of different mobile technologies, platforms, and consumer preferences. Understanding consumers’ mobile adoption and behavior in China is critical for any firm hoping to do business in China. Brands and their agencies must comprehend how to reach Chinese consumers most effectively; mobile game developers must identify Chinese gamer preferences; and mobile publishers must navigate China’s vast advertising landscape.

In order to assist the development of the Chinese mobile ecosystem, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently partnered with the Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China (IIACC) to profile the state of the Chinese market. Utilizing a stratified sampling methodology to survey a representative sample of over 3,500 Chinese consumers, the IAB and IIACC found that China is emerging as a “mobile only” market; a sharp departure Americans’ multi-screen viewing preferences.

Although mobile is growing at a rapid pace in China, Chinese smartphone owners remain comparatively uninterested in mobile advertisements. 61% of Chinese mobile owners have never interacted with an ad, compared to 47% of American mobile phone owners. Over 40% of smartphone users utilize their device to access the Internet for over an hour a day, representing their most common mobile activity.

Similar to the U.S., mobile growth in China has severely curtailed traditional media consumption, with over 25% of smartphone owners reported that they reduced their TV and/or print consumption as a direct result of owning a mobile connected device. Utilizing their mobile phones primarily for at-home entertainment, Chinese mobile users are less attached to their phones, with 6% of respondents stating that they would never leave their home without them, compared to 69% in the US.

Overall, the Chinese mobile market is markedly different from the US’s. Chinese mobile phone owners consume different media at different times, places, and rates; companies hoping to leverage Chinese mobile adoption must take this into account.

Aarki recently expanded to Beijing, where we’re leveraging our staff, each of whom has operated for years in the Chinese mobile advertising industry, to better serve firms hoping to tap into the Chinese mobile market. We’re hard at work developing new relationships with Chinese developers, publishers, and agencies, and expanding the reach of our joyful mobile experiences.

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