Branded Mobile: Consumers are King

Brand advertisers are shifting away from traditional media, like print and TV, towards the novel channels of mobile, social and video. Mobile devices ability to connect consumers everywhere, along with video and social networks shift to mobile, has focused brands attention on engaging mobile consumers. As we’ve previously discussed, mobile has surpassed desktop in competing for consumers’ attention, and appears to be on track to emerge as the dominant consumer engagement platform.

The primary reason for brands’ increasing adoption of mobile is the continuously expanding role that mobile phones have begun playing in consumers’ media consumption habits. According to Business Insider, U.S. consumers consume over 20% of their media on the mobile platform, an increase of five times compared to mobile media consumption levels in 2009.

Brands that were early mobile adopters have been able to adapt, optimize, and expand their mobile strategies due to the massive amount of data and market research now available. Laggard brands that were slow to embrace mobile have now just begun to do so and are quickly catching up to speed. According to a recent eMarketer analysis, 69% of brands plan to increase their mobile spend this year, while 70% and 64% of brands are planning on spending more on social media and video, respectively. Additionally, brands are becoming increasingly interested in rich media campaigns, with 23% of brands stating that they plan on utilizing them to a greater extent.

While brands are adopting these new channels to a greater extent, it seems there is still a lot of channel-specific education needed. Nine percent of US marketers plan on utilizing the exact same metrics that they use for offline channels to measure their ROI on online investments, forgetting to consider the variety of additional engagement metrics that interactive online and mobile ads can offer. Basic online metrics, such as engagement rates, click-through rates, social shares, etc. are being ignored by these brands, representing an opportunity for advertisement providers to educate them on these advertising tools.

It’s clear that brands must adopt a successful mobile strategy in order to stand a chance against their competition in engaging the growing mobile consumers. At Aarki, we are offering brands and their agencies free lunch and learn events, where we bring our mobile experience, expertise, and lunch to the table. We’re a strong advocate of continuous education in the advertising space, and look forward to the future of brand advertising on mobile.

If you would like to schedule a free lunch and learn for your brand or agency, please email us at we look forward to having lunch with you!

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