The Growth of the Mobile Media Consumer

On their commutes, at work, at home, and while watching TV, consumers are constantly engaged with their mobile devices. Like the newspaper, radio, television, and desktop before it, mobile has become the key to reaching and engaging consumers worldwide. The extent of mobile's dominance as a media consumption platform, however, has proven to be difficult to measure for many, varying widely according to different consumer segments’ preferences. How exactly can one measure the impact of mobile engagement among consumers?

In a general sense, mobile media adoption can be measured according to two parameters; the amount of time consumers spend on mobile, and the amount of investment that advertisers have put into the platform. Two recent analyses, from eMarketer and the IAB, provide such metrics, suggesting that mobile is on track to engage consumers more effectively than any other digital channel.

According to eMarketer, US adults now spend an average of two hours and twenty-one minutes on their mobile devices, engaging in non-voice activities such as gaming, web browsing, and social networking. This is almost five times as much as 2010 levels of consumer’s mobile attention, when adults only spent an average of twenty-four minutes on their devices every day. As a result, US adults are now spending more time on their mobile devices than they are spending on their desktop or laptop computers.

Additionally, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, along with the market intelligence group IHS, analyzed global mobile advertising revenue, and found that North America is leading the world in mobile ad spend per mobile subscription, with advertisers spending $9.39 per mobile subscriber. Ad spend has doubled in the last year, with China and Europe also emerging as mobile consumer markets.

These two reports add to the growing evidence that mobile will be the premier platform for advertisers to engage consumers in the future. Mobile’s dominance as a media consumption platform means that advertisers can safely bet on mobile as a consumer engagement platform, and allow it to take up a larger part of their ad spend.

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