The Future of Mobile Engagement

Brands are becoming increasingly focused on engaging their mobile consumers. More and more, marketers are focusing on campaigns that deliver long-term engagement and monetization on mobile. Campaigns designed specifically to drive deeper mobile engagement have been proven to be effective at converting audiences into avid purchasers by leveraging community generated content, social sharing, and consumer interaction.

In order to fulfill brands’ mobile engagement needs, Forrester projects that firms will turn to “mobile engagement providers”; vendors who will help firms create, deploy, and maintain mobile engagement products and services. Estimated to grow to a $32.4 billion industry by 2018, vendors offering these services will come from a variety of backgrounds. Digital agencies, management consultancies, mobile specialists, product development specialists, systems integrators, and telecommunications companies will all be competing to offer the best mobile engagement solutions, vying for firms’ business.

Within this new mobile engagement provider market, Forrester highlights three primary services that will be offered.

  1. Mobile engagement services will allow brands to build a full system of engagement, incorporating ethnographic research, analytics, and consolidation of services to aggregate brands’ engagement efforts.
  2. Mobile device and app management services will provide enterprise-level management services for businesses, allowing them to connect with their customers or their entire workforce over mobile.
  3. Mobile app development services will help businesses to develop and maintain mobile apps and websites for both smartphones and tablets.

In order to realize the full power of mobile in engaging consumers, it will be necessary for brands to adopt a holistic approach to their mobile apps, advertising, and engagement strategies. Forrester’s projection of the mobile engagement service market offers an excellent framework for brands to understand mobile engagement and the wide variety of firms involved in the consumer engagement process.

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