Mobile Application and Web Advertising Metrics Have Been Standardized

We’ve previously written about the need for standardized metrics in mobile advertising, and that the industry would need to implement consistent and reliable metrics in order to earn advertising spend. In order for mobile to truly emerge as a dominant advertising channel along with print, TV, and desktop, advertisers have to know what they’re paying for, how effective their campaigns and reach are, and how to measure success.

Mobile ad networks have now joined forces to agree on industry-wide guidelines that measure the effectiveness of mobile campaigns. Last Thursday, July 11th, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and Media Rating Council (MRC) announced their finalization of mobile ad measurement standards, outlining industry standards with the goal of eliminating inconsistent practices and improving overall quality.

Examples of new standards include:

  • A mandate that states that only client-side counting is allowed for mobile application ad impressions
  • A requirement that SDKs that handle ad loading ensure that impression counting does not occur prematurely
  • A clear end-date requirement for reporting/counting ad impressions delivered/viewed while the app is offline.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you’re a mobile ad buyer, these new standards mean that you now definitively know what you’re getting into when working with a new mobile ad network or creating a new campaign. Campaign performance can be more accurately measured, allowing you to optimize your mobile spend more efficiently and effectively. You’ll be able to track the same metrics across a variety of ad networks and campaigns, and be assured that they are reliable and consistent.

For mobile ad networks and publishers that sell their own ads, these new standards represent a landmark achievement for the industry. They increase accountability and ensure more accurate performance measurement, which will lead to advertisers increasing their mobile spend. For sellers that are truly differentiated and provide a premium product (in the case of Aarki, our cutting-edge rich media technology), this represents an opportunity to show brands that are more interested in mobile just how effective the channel can be in engaging consumers.

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