Going Beyond the Banner

Desktop advertisers began with banner advertisements. MySpace, Yahoo, and other prominent websites of the late 90’s to early 2000’s era were littered with them. Gradually, Internet access became more prevalent, consumers became more tech-savvy, and banners became more intrusive; as a result, CTRs on desktop banner ads were driven down to 0.10%. To compensate, desktop advertisers wised up and expanded their ad portfolios to invest in products that saw more traction, such as videos and rich media.

Now, advertisers are investing more and more into the mobile space, and already the mobile ad industry has seen the need to offer more engaging and seamless ad units, going beyond the traditional banner.

On Monday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the conclusion of its Mobile Rising Stars study, and the incorporation of five new mobile rich media ad formats into its official ad portfolio. The formats included in the study “garner greater user interaction and deliver higher brand and message recall than do standard mobile banner ads.”

The study showed that rich media ad units outperform standard mobile banners by significant margins; 9.3% of participants interacted with a Rising Stars ad, compared to 5.2% for traditional mobile banners. The ad units also had higher brand recall (98.1% vs. 83%) and message recall (23% more likely to remember rich media), and audiences thought they were more fun and attention grabbing compared to standard ads.

These metrics correspond with the rich media campaigns that Aarki has run. By offering interactive experiences, rich media ads enable brands to engage mobile consumers more effectively and over longer periods of time. Aarki’s own rich media campaigns have achieved incredibly high engagement, with users spending an average of 130 seconds within the ads, and continue to be among our most engaging and sought-after ad units by brands and agencies. Going forward, as additional rich media data is validated, more and more ad buyers will grasp the value of them, diverting spending from banners towards rich media.


Topics: Industry News