Our Self-Serve Advertiser Portal Got a Makeover

We just rolled out a suite of updates to our self-serve portal to better enable our publisher and advertiser partners to create, manage and track their ad campaigns. It's now easier than ever to determine bid price, integrate ad creatives and seamlessly manage targeting. You can still access all of the great features previously offered but with a more streamlined and intuitive look. We applied the new purple color scheme we rolled out earlier this Spring to keep inline with Aarki's new brand, including our new logo and a more stylized workspace.

The redesigned home screen provides a cleaner layout of the advertiser and publisher dashboards providing ease of access to app campaigns. The navigation to reports has been enhanced to deliver a more intuitive experience. The Campaign Wizard flow boasts the greatest set of updated features including a whole new design of the campaign setup. The wizard walks advertisers through the setup process step-by-step, simplifying an often complex process. Features like automatic scrolling and saving, and an accordion style layout, give way to an intuitive selection process allowing for a more streamlined experience.

Advertisers can add a new campaign with a click of a button and in just 4 easy steps go live with their campaign. Integration into the app store assets is automated with the auto-population and validation feature of the app store URL. App icons are automatically loaded and ad images can be dragged and dropped, no need to upload and search. Wondering how to integrate 3rd party tracking tools? No sweat. Just copy and paste your tracking link. We even provide a cheat sheet for tracking URL parameters as a tool. Select your targeting metrics and bid price with our auto calculation tool. We only provide you with the bid options that meet the parameters of your campaign, there's no guesswork on what type of campaign, or at what price, you should be running. You gain more control over what ads are shown with our easy opt-out feature of certain ad units.
At the end of the wizard you can access even greater control with the advanced settings allowing you to set daily campaign and daily spend caps and determine the dates your ad will run. In just a few simple steps you are ready to go live! Have a look for yourself by logging into your portal account at aarki.com. If you're new to Aarki and are interested in monetizing or learning how to acquire quality users for your app, contact us by commenting below and we'll get you setup. It's now easier than ever to set up and take full control of your advertising campaigns!

Topics: Product