Engagement Advertising & Rich Media: The Future of Brand Ads

As traditional marketing and advertising mediums continue to fragment: from print and billboards, to online and email, and now mobile and tablets, brands are forced to reevaluate how they connect with their mobile consumers. The average consumer is inundated with brand messages across platforms and have quickly adapted to the noise finding more ways to silence it, with DVR to fast forward through TV commercials and passively flipping through their favorite magazines chock full of finely tailored ads. Consumers are immune to traditional advertising methods and its time for brands, and the agencies that represent them, to take notice. By the end of 2013 there will be more devices on earth than people, with 3 out of 5 users on a smartphone. This presents a tremendous channel to reach and engage their consumers on mobile. New form factors means new ways to deliver relevant, targeted content in innovative ways. As we move into this mobile and app centric world there is new opportunity for brands to connect with their mobile users while on-the-go and leverage real-time interactivity.

The largest captive mobile audience lies in gamers, and estimated $3 billion industry, driven by in-app purchases, virtual currency and ads. Of the top 25 free downloaded apps in the App Store, 40% are games. Clearly mobile gaming is a big channel for brands to connect with their audience: leveraging demographic, location and usage analytics to deliver engaging content that drives engagement and resonance. The key to successful brand ads on mobile lies in rich media: interactive and highly engaging HTML5 ads that act like an app, providing an immersive experience. The entire ad is based around the user experience, not just pushing content. Participation and interaction is required, driving incredibly high engagement rates, upwards of 90%. The ability to connect with consumers at any point, any time and any place with relevant, tailored content is the future of brand advertising. Delivering rich and compelling content solidifies that outreach and closes the loop, driving purchase behavior and increasing brand resonance. The future for brands looks bright, very bright.

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