Apps World SF Recap: Mobile Gaming & Brand Engagement

Apps World North America kicked off yesterday in the heart of SF to a breadth of mobile industry players: from developer tools and mobile payments to marketing and distribution platforms. A key theme seemed to pop-up across the stages dedicated to Gamers, Enterprise, Payments, Advertising, and Developers: user engagement.

The Gaming Apps Stage hosted a panel of speakers from Bash Gaming, Juxta Labs,, and Playphone that highlighted the challenges of maintaining engagement and managing a gaming app. The importance of injecting social elements into the user experience and seamlessly integrating interactive monetization elements was deemed necessary for game developers to be successful in today’s market.

Monetization was, of course, at the forefront of the gaming speaker series with a push towards the power of in-app purchases, incentivized advertisers and finding the right fit for your game. It comes down to picking the right platform that works for you and your audience.

Another emerging trend is how brands and broadcasters can leverage the power of gaming to build a relationship and interact with their consumers. Brands, sensitive to the fickle preferences of their consumer market, must pick the right game, and place, to develop and reach their audience.

At the core of development for both brands and developers is engagement: creating a highly immersive and personal experience. Lisa Paulson, from A&E Networks Gaming spoke to the importance of content creation and creating cross screen experiences. Where you, "want to make the user feel involved and engaged on ‘the second screen'." There’s no audience more captive then the gaming audience and big brands are catching on. Paul Condolora agrees, claiming that mobile is the, ‘Form of the 21st Century’ for CNE Network/ Turner Broadcasting. Allowing for the ability to, “innovate, create and engage at lower cost compared to other mediums.”

It's clear that big brands are catching on to the power of mobile-particularly gaming- and the value it adds to its consumer relationships. Both brands and developers will have to keep the user experience and empathize with what it's like to be engaged on the form factor of the future.

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