Summer Heats Up for the Mobile Gaming Industry

As the mobile gaming industry heats up with the summer weather, San Francisco was front and center last week as the "Smartphone & Tablet" games summit and the "SF Game Monetization Meetup" event attracted some of the biggest players in this space.

The Smartphone & Tablet event was an all day event on June 26th in the Mission Bay, which featured guest speakers from industries that included real time bidding, mobile gaming, and advertisers. The event concluded with a speech from Aarki CEO, Sid Bhatt, in regards to the best methods of engaging qualified users.

The following day, June 27, had an evening discussion with industry experts, which included Sid Bhatt, about the best ways to acquire mobile users. A game publisher network employee, Thomas Lemrond of Mobile Plus, stated, “Listening to Sid was the most interesting [because] it seemed as if he actually cared about what he was talking about rather than promoting himself and his company. There was one thing that stuck out to me, he mentioned about passing back the PubID through so we can make the most optimal campaigns.”

Daily smartphone users spend 24 minutes gaming daily, but the most exciting and difficult challenge is keeping the users engaged. Despite the growing market for mobile gaming, the largest concern is still attracting users to your game. User acquisition is further exacerbated by the difficulty of choosing between numerous companies and methods, some of which require payment.

As a leader in the app distribution and monetization space, Aarki has an eagle's eye view of the mobile industry. When unqualified users take rewarded app installs, it often results in an audience mismatch. In turn, this leads to low yielding users for the app developers who paid premium rates to acquire them. The negative return on investment and low activation rates can potentially affect the app's mobile store ranking in addition to stalling organic growth.

Aarki's goal is to drive qualified app users with ads that reward users based on pay per action. Aarki promotes offers that require actions that are easy for users to complete and that filter out the users with no real interest in the offer. Ultimately, the life time value of the average user will not be zero.

These call to actions do not erode the user experience. Rather, they complement it. Every app installation and ad is followed by a wholesome user experience. The videos capture the most exciting aspects of the apps. Instead of being disruptive to the course of gameplay, they are concise and avoid buffering.

As a cutting edge technology company in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aarki uses analytics to maximize the ROI for app publishers. On the basis of source and medium, device identities are segmented. With critical and effective analysis, profitable advertising sources are distinguished. This aids the channeling of the marketing budget to only the most suitable channels of advertising with the appropriate audience mix.

Aarki’s insight on accentuating rich media technology with a foundational, complementary relationship between user characteristics and game demographics escalates monetization exponentially. Watch for Aarki at some of the major events that include "Casual Connect" (Seattle), "ChinaJoy" (Shanghai), and "GDC Europe" (Cologne) as Aarki looks to heat up in the mobile gaming industry with the summer.

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