Aarki Recap on Conferences Attended in the First Quarter of 2012

After ending 2011 with a successful Series A round of venture financing, we began the first quarter of 2012 by attending several conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. The conferences included the Silicon Valley International Game Developer’s Association (SV IGDA), Game Developers Conference (GDC), Pycon, and Ignition West. By attending these conferences, we were able to learn from and to network with other cutting edge companies and other industry experts. In addition, we were able to convey its value as a mobile ad network that helps app publishers monetize while also showing how it drives revenue for advertisers.

Here is a recap of each event:

  • On February 17th, we were a sponsor of the SV IGDA event in San Francisco. SV IGDA comprises of the Meetup Group community, which is dedicated to improving the professional development of its members. The relevance of this event for us is that the IGDA is the largest non-profit membership organization that serves individuals who create video games. As a result, many of the attendees at this event can appreciate Aarki’s mobile platform to help mobile game publishers to monetize. We plan to sponsor SV IGDA and other upcoming Meetup Group events that consist of educational lectures, tutorials, and networking events.
  • During a three-day period that began on March 7th at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Aarki exhibited at the 26th GDC that had a record-breaking attendance of 22,500 industry professionals. GDC is the largest annual gathering for professional game developers to attend lectures, to view exhibits, and to play games. Game publishers, advertisers, students, and gamers among others were visitors to the Aarki booth to learn about the company brand, platform, and vision. Aarki engineers doubled as budding game developers and found themselves in lively conversations, sharing and learning from other developers about the trends in mobile gaming. The Aarki sales team was delighted with the global gaming potential as several prospective customers and partners visited the booth. In summary, GDC provided a forum for networking, deal making, and information sharing in the ever-expanding mobile gaming realm.
  • Despite the hectic week at GDC, Aarki’s engineering team hosted a booth at Pycon 2012 on the weekend of March 9th in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Pycon is the largest annual gathering for Python users and developers as Python is an object-oriented and scripting language. Python’s relevance to Aarki is that it is flexible and manipulative in data representation. As a result, the Aarki engineering team was able to network and share information with other participants at this convention.
  • As the quarter ended, the Aarki sales team attended Ignition West on March 21st in San Francisco. The Business Insider Conference explored the future of the mobile by bringing together executives and leading entrepreneurs for discussions about the current industry, how it will evolve and what products, platforms and business models are rising above the rest. One of the more memorable quotes from the event was from Rovio Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka who stated, “We want to be the first entertainment company with 1 billion fans.” Aarki learned mobile trends from Business Insider founder Henry Blodget, who published The Future of Mobile. Other participants reported that the top mobile gaming markets are the United States, China, and South Korea. If these markets want to stay on top, they may need to adopt the social and geo-located mobile gaming technologies. Many participants proclaimed that these cutting-edge developments are responsible for a number of successful companies. And perhaps the most unexpected finding was that females in the age range of 18-34 account for 64% of discretionary spending in the United States mobile gaming industry.

The mobile industry, especially mobile gaming, has been a growing sector in the high tech industry and to no one’s surprise, the plethora and variety of conferences that are available to Aarki is limitless in just the state of California. As a result, the second quarter of 2012 will be packed with conferences for the Aarki team to host and to participate. As mobile continues to evolve, subscribe to the Aarki blog for insightful analysis and updates about the changes and its ramifications in mobile, mobile gaming, and Aarki.

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