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Meet Aarki at MAU in Las Vegas!


Aarki is attending Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) on April 25-26 and we’d love to meet you there! This acquisition and retention conference will bring together over 2000 leaders from top mobile brands with deep experience in mobile growth marketing for two full days of learning and networking.

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Creative that Engages: Playable and HTML5 Animated ads


User experience, one of the most important factors of a successful mobile advertising campaign, should never be underestimated by app marketers. We’re all tired of the static banner ads that pop up in the middle of the game and say nothing interesting and relevant. But mobile technology does not stand still and with the rapid development of app marketing strategies, new and more appealing ad formats are evolving. The choice between various formats depends on the target users and the campaign’s objective.

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PMP vs. Open Exchange: Access a more exclusive, premium inventory with stable volume

Programmatic offers multiple ways for mobile app advertisers to find the right media inventory for their ads, one of which is Private Marketplaces (PMP).

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Ad Creative in Retargeting Campaigns: With or Without Audio


In today’s digital world, app marketers need to be savvy using every possible means to grab their target audiences attention and knowing each element in the creative ad that catches user’s interest leads the app marketing campaigns to success. In this article, we are going to determine the real value of the creative ad per audio type for retargeting campaigns. We analyzed the MRAID performance in Chartboost to know whether the creative ads with audio perform better than the creative ads without audio.

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Aarki Encore Inside Out

Mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace, thus, industry leading companies are adopting more innovative technologies and new strategies for acquiring and retaining high LTV users.

See how Aarki redefines mobile programmatic app marketing.

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Are you heading to Game Developers Conference? So are we!


Aarki is attending Game Developers Conference (GDC) and we’d love to see you there! GDC is the world’s largest professional game industry event which allows industry professionals such as programmers, game designers, industry decision-makers, to join
for five days of lectures, expos, panels, and round-table discussions to talk on game development and to shape the industry’s future.

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Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry


We might associate mobile tech with male executives and engineers, but there are many women in tech and executive-level roles who are now leading the industry.

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International Women's Day: The History, The Celebration and Aarki’s Contribution.


International Women’s Day has developed into a truly global celebration of gender equality and women’s empowerment. It’s a day when women are recognized for their achievements and contributions to society without regard to nationality, ethnicity, culture, economic status, or political views.

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Aarki Event Recap: Mobile Growth Summit & Kochava Mobile Summit

Along with the mobile industry’s rapid growth has come a proliferation of conferences that aim to help the sector learn, network, and thrive. Here are the highlights from two events Aarki attended in February - we loved and enjoyed both and both were worth every penny.

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Reactivation Strategy: Campaign Management


Acquiring high LTV users is a big challenge, and retaining and keeping them engaged is yet another. In fact, many apps are failing to maintain user interests and keep them interested for a long duration. Which has led to the increased use of retargeting strategies by many app marketers.

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