App marketing unified.

Exceed your ROI goals by unifying ad creative and programmatic media.

Mobile deep linking.

Using deep linking to content within your app, we develop unique insights on both app installation and post-conversion events such as in-app purchases.

Our models utilize this data to forecast the propensity of users to return to your app or make in-app purchases. This helps us make dynamic decisions and deliver greater ROI to you.

Real-time attribution.

We analyze user behavior and action triggers for different media inventory in real-time for a variety of pre-defined KPIs. This allows us to identify what prompts users to install your app. We use this information to better optimize the campaign strategy and deliver greater ROI to you.

Unified optimization.

Aarki believes that optimal ad performance can only be achieved by focusing on both creative and media.

The Aarki Encore platform enables us to serve creative variants using a multivariate framework, buy programmatic media, and optimize performance through machine learning. This unified approach enables us to deliver extra value to your campaign and help you exceed your ROI goals.


Insights on conversion drivers
Insights on post-conversion events
Comparative category metrics


Faster forecasts 
Custom models and strategies
Quicker media decisions


Creative optimization
Better programmatic media
Behavioral targeting