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Why Creative Should Not Be Ignored

Creative has a profound impact on your ad performance. It translates into something so much more than just a nice visual. It represents and determines what impression users will get of your mobile app. In fact, it could be the one of the deciding factors on whether a mobile user will interact with an ad or not. So why ignore a crucial part of your ad?

gomultivariate.jpgGo multivariate.

Gone are the days of unexciting creatives. Today, rich and interactive HTML5 creatives that engage your audience are in. You can take your pick between static banner, animated banner, interactive video, or full screen video. If you need insight on which ad format to use, multivariate testing will evaluate variety of formats in order to identify the best format for your app and campaign objectives. Even within a given ad format, thousands of variants of the baseline creative within your desired constraints can be automatically tested. As a result, the optimal combination of creative variants are identified and used to drive dynamic creative optimization.

Specific objectives.

Whether you want to optimize your ad for click, interaction, conversion, or a certain KPI, dynamic creative optimization can be your solution. No matter what your campaign objective is, multivariate testing can provide the answer you’re looking for in terms of the creative you should be using. By optimizing the creative for a specific objective, you will be able to drive ad performance and achieve your campaign goal. 

At Aarki, we realize the importance of ad creative. Our creative team can create and run multivariate testing on ads in a variety of formats. Using learning and best practices derived from over 120,000 prior campaigns, we have dynamically delivered stronger ad performance to our clients. To learn more about multivariate optimization, please reach out to us at


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