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Start-ups & Agencies: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

In the world of mobile advertising, many start-ups and agencies have found success through collaboration. In the Mobile World Congress panel with Havas in Barcelona, I credited this collaboration as the driver of innovation in the advertising technology industry.


Aarki has always been focused on innovation. We believe that innovation is not an end state but rather a process. What is innovative today might be obsolete a few years from now. To start-ups like Aarki, agencies are the catalysts of innovation. Agencies are uniquely positioned to identify and deploy innovative solutions at scale. They often have great intuition - about the client and about the industry - and we can definitely benefit from that. Our partnership with agencies helps us scale the deployment of our innovative technology. By constantly demanding the best technology and improvements in performance, agencies drive and foster innovation in both technologies and processes.

Aarki embraces the demands of agencies, as it helps us innovate and identify new features to add to our platform. It also helps us add a higher degree of robustness to our solutions. For example, our unified optimization approach is very innovative and is delivering great campaign performance. However, our engineers and data scientists are constantly challenging themselves to come up with the “next big thing” to meet demands. The result has been the introduction of many new technologies from Aarki, such as multivariate optimization, machine learning, user profiling, and responsive design.

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