Read thought provoking articles on the use of machine learning for improving mobile app marketing performance.

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Implementing Machine Learning-Based Optimization

Whether you want to drive your mobile app installs or acquire better quality users, machine learning technology can be your new best friend. In the generation of evolving technology, making guesses in order to optimize your app marketing campaign is no longer a viable option. There are too much risks involved and the chances of success cannot be guaranteed. Manually analyzing data to make campaign decisions is a better option but it can take far too long, especially if there are a lot of data to take into consideration. And in app marketing, time is of the essence. This brings us to the third and perhaps more effective option, machine learning technology.

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Start-ups & Agencies: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

In the world of mobile advertising, many start-ups and agencies have found success through collaboration. In the Mobile World Congress panel with Havas in Barcelona, I credited this collaboration as the driver of innovation in the advertising technology industry.


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Achieving Better App Marketing ROI

Aarki's vision had always been to help app marketers rise above and stand out in the digital marketplace. We strive to innovate and deliver unique solutions to app marketers. In an interview with Gamesauce at Casual Connect Tel Aviv, our CEO & Co-founder, Sid Bhatt, shared how this is achievable through cutting-edge technology. 

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Getting The Mobile App Users You Want

Whether you want to scale the install volume of your mobile app or target better quality users, user profiling can play a vital role. Effective app marketing starts with knowing who you want as your users. If you focus on the wrong audience or do not focus on any particular audience at all, chances are you will not see the ROI you want.

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Why Creative Should Not Be Ignored

Creative has a profound impact on your ad performance. It translates into something so much more than just a nice visual. It represents and determines what impression users will get of your mobile app. In fact, it could be the one of the deciding factors on whether a mobile user will interact with an ad or not. So why ignore a crucial part of your ad?

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