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Implementing Machine Learning-Based Optimization

Whether you want to drive your mobile app installs or acquire better quality users, machine learning technology can be your new best friend. In the generation of evolving technology, making guesses in order to optimize your app marketing campaign is no longer a viable option. There are too much risks involved and the chances of success cannot be guaranteed. Manually analyzing data to make campaign decisions is a better option but it can take far too long, especially if there are a lot of data to take into consideration. And in app marketing, time is of the essence. This brings us to the third and perhaps more effective option, machine learning technology.


At the beginning of your app marketing campaign, machine learning algorithms take into account all the relevant data in order to rapidly identify the best creative variants and media for your mobile app as well as target audience. The algorithms enable optimal ad performance by forecasting and filtering out creative variants and media that are most likely to underperform. As a result, you can reach your target audience through optimal means from the get-go.

The algorithms learn over time, as more data are collected during the duration of the app marketing campaign. This means that throughout the course of your campaign, you can leverage machine learning to continuously optimize ad performances. If creatives and media that have been performing well begin to falter, the algorithms can identify new high-performing creatives and media. By leveraging data to continuously implement machine learning-based optimization, you can ensure that your campaign is constantly performing optimally in both creative and media aspects. As a result, campaign performance can continue to improve or sustain, instead of faltering over time.

At Aarki, machine learning technology forms the backbone of our app marketing platform. Our team utilizes insights gained from the algorithms in order to continuously perform optimizations for our clients. To learn more about how this technology can help you on your campaign, please reach out to us at


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