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Getting The Mobile App Users You Want

Whether you want to scale the install volume of your mobile app or target better quality users, user profiling can play a vital role. Effective app marketing starts with knowing who you want as your users. If you focus on the wrong audience or do not focus on any particular audience at all, chances are you will not see the ROI you want. You will end up with a volume of users below your goal or users that will open up your app once or twice before deleting it completely.

userprofile.pngNarrowing down targets.

Ideally, a profile of the users you want to target is built from millions of anonymized user demographics, segments, and behavior history. These information can be collected by listening to bidding auctions, events, and private marketplace deals. Once a user profile has been built, the propensity of app installation can be forecasted. This propensity should then be dynamically updated as more user data are gathered. It also enables advertisers to identify what prompt users to install a particular app.

Real-time bidding on automation.

In turn, this user profile is used to define bidding rules, such as date, day, time, share of volume, or location. Rule-based ad serving allows advertisers to set parameters that will filter out media and situations that would likely underperform. As a result, you can scale the install volume of your mobile app or expand to smaller geographies while getting a volume of good quality users. This is a method that is becoming more and more popular amongst advertisers, and for good reasons. Instead of setting up your app marketing campaign up manually, you can build user profiles and put real-time bidding on automation. This method will saves you both time and money, not to mention deliver better ROI.

At Aarki, we utilized big data analytics and machine learning algorithms that learn over time to build user profiles and adjust media allocation to deliver optimal performance.No matter what your KPI is, we can plan your campaign and optimize for that KPI accordingly. We leverage deep tracking to make dynamic campaign decisions and to perform real-time attribution during the campaign. To learn more about how we can help you get the mobile app users you want, please reach out to us at


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